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Program description:


Executive Summary:

The purpose of the ALP is to match leadership opportunities with the need for prepared leaders in organized urology at a grassroots level.  A new breed of motivated and talented urologists seek out meaningful volunteer contributions and higher level participation at regional and/or state levels. This program would offer a pathway with mentorship based on real world examples backed up with a solid core of practical association leadership knowledge, resources and reference material to build-on and pass down for the future. Ultimately it is the hope that this program will engender strong leaders, develop their skills and interests and build relationships that will help put them on the path to becoming confident leaders in organized urology at all levels.



ALP participants can be nominated/selected by the current leaders of state societies or other societies, etc. The venue will be at the Western Section AUA annual meetings – Young Urologist Program – and directed by a core leadership group comprised from each participating organization and perhaps current young leaders that can be a source of inspiration.



The program is broken down into 3 main segments and ALP participants are expected to attend annual meetings, attend the annual Young Urologist Program, demonstrate loyalty and commitment to the WSAUA, and possibly pass a verbal or written test. ALP participants who successfully advance twill receive recognition and a certificate of completion.


1. Mentorship Round Table – an informal discussion with mentors and other invited leaders to give their insights, experience, best practices, and engage in open Q&A on how & where to get started, get involved and get connected.


2. Practical course work – Includes a “Knowledge notebook” with reference and resource materials. Topics may include such organizational management subjects managing a volunteer board and committees, board vs. staff responsibilities, steps to developing a long-range plan, the essentials of membership, running effective meetings, important things to say and when during meetings, understanding your role as a steward, dealing with the media, and more as it develops.


3. Actual Experience – matching available leadership opportunities with candidates, e.g. sectional or aua committees, course directors, board reps, state level advocacy positions as an officer, etc. thus allowing the person to demonstrate competency and loyalty.


Welcome New Members

2017 New Members:


Kashif  Alvi, MD

Jason  Archambault, MD

Rosanne  S.  Arnold, HP

Casey  Barnett, HP

Steven  C.  Bereta, NP

Raymond  Mark  Bernal, MD

Jennifer  Botelho, PA-C

James  M.  Bresee, MD

Kadi-Ann  Bryan, MD

Sierra  J.  Carmello, PA

Jay  Cascio, RpH

June  Chan, DSc

Samuel  T.  Chan, MD

Marina  Cheng, MD

Kalyani  Chilukuri, HP

Charles  H.  Chung, MD

Lee Ann  Clark, PA-C

Sophia  Drinis, MD

Jia  Emslie, RN

Winnie  Eng, PA-C

Heidi  Felton, PA-C

Melissa  R.  Garcia, HP

Daniel  Gilbert, DO

Greg  E.  Gin, MD

Shelley  Godley, MD

Kiran  Gollapudi, MD

Erin  Grantham, MD

Lindsay  A.  Hampson, MD

Mark  A.  Handley, PhD

Katy  Holder, HP

Robert  Hoy, PA-C, MPAS

George  J.  Huang, MD

Marketa  Injayan, HP

Nicole  Jensky, HP

David  C.  Johnson, MD, MPH

Richard  Jones, HP

Kimberly  Keller, HP

Stacey  A.  Kenfield, ScD

Nazih  P.  Khater, MD

Louis  Koncz, PA

Ryan  P.  Kopp, MD

John  Y.  Lee, MD

Denise  Lepley, PhD

Robert  Louie, PharMD

James  R.  Lucas, PA

Robert  Lurvey, MD

Jules  P.  Manger, MD

Julia  S.  McCord, HP

Laura  Stansell  Merriman, MD

Dennis  Mitchell, HP

Kenneth  Mitchell, PA-C, MPAS

Chinedu  Mmeje, MD

Allan  Murray, HP

Sylvia  D.  Nguyen, NP

Parag  D.  Nihalani, Pharmd, MS

Sepehr  Nowfar, MD

Brock  B.  O’Neil, MD

Mary  O’Rourke, HP

Vernon  A.  Orton, II, MD

Edward  Park, PharmD

Brent  Pitcher, PA

Leigh  R.  Platte, RN

Krishna  Ramaswamy, MD

Jacqueline  Reilly, PhD

Daniel  Reznicek, MD

Evan  G.  Rosen, MD

Yahir  A.  Santiago-Lastra, MD

Amy  Schlaifer, MD

Casey  Seideman, MD

Jay  B.  Shah, MD

Hilary  Shreves, MS, ACNP-BC

Toni  F.  Shull, RN

Kristien  Sima, HP

Jung  Suh, HP

Robert  M.  Sweet, MD

Youssef  S.  Tanagho, MD

Joel  Tappay, HP

James  R.  Templeton, PhD

Alan  E.  Thong, MD, MPH

Matthew  Uhlman, MD, MBA

Erin  VanBlarigan, ScD

Kevin  Wayne, PA-C

Jason  Woo, MD

Sara  Woodruff, HP

Mary Jo  Worischeck, PA

Faysal  A.  Yafi, MD, FRCSC