Congratulations 2020 AUA Awardees from Western Section

Victor A. Politano Award:

The Victor A. Politano Award is presented annually to an individual for outstanding research and work in the field of incontinence and for enhancing the treatment of incontinent patients, thereby helping to improve their quality of life.

Mary Ann Lynn Stothers, MD, MHSc will receive this award for excellence in advancing innovative methods for treating urinary incontinence throughout the world.

Presidential Citations:

Presidential Citations are presented to individuals deemed to have significantly promoted the cause of urology. Each recipient is chosen by the AUA President. This honor will be bestowed upon the following individuals:

• Jeffrey M. Frankel, MD

for tireless support and diplomatic advocacy for high quality private practice care within organized medicine

• Michael L. Ritchey, MD

for outstanding contributions to pediatric urologic oncology, and leadership with ABU and ABMS supporting urologic certification