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Western Section

WS welcomes 84 New Members for 2018-19

February 21, 2019

The Western Section wishes to congratulate and welcome into membership 84 new members for the 2018-19 cycle.  We look forward […]

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WS Foundation gift made by member, Dr. Nader Sadoughi

December 28, 2018

The Western Section is pleased to announce that a significant contribution has been made to the Western Urological Foundation (WUF) […]

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Maui Meeting Highlights and more…

December 12, 2018

Maui Meeting Highlights and more… First, we wish to thank you – our Members – for your dedication, support and […]

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Scott Swanson, M.D. (Arizona) wins election to become AUA Pres 2020

November 15, 2018

In accordance with AUA Sectional leadership rotation and following its election process, the Western Section announced the official results of […]

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CUA President Peter Bretan wins CMA Presidential election

October 15, 2018

The Western Section AUA is pleased to announce that Dr. Peter N. Bretan, Jr., President of the California Urological Association […]

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WS awards special pins of distinction at AUA in San Francisco

June 1, 2018

May 19, 2018, San Francisco, CA During the WsAUA Leadership reception at the AUA meeting in San Francisco, specially made […]

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Board selects Candidates for AUA President 2020

May 30, 2018

May 19, 2018 – San Francisco, CA at AUA Meeting Congratulations to Dr. Eric Zeidman and Dr. Scott Swanson – […]

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Western Section wins 2018 AUA Resident’s Bowl – See Video!

May 27, 2018

Special Announcement! May 21, San Francisco: This was a BIG win for Team Western Section – and our FIRST! The […]

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AUA Advocacy Summit Summary

April 2, 2018

AUA Advocacy Summit Summary – March 12-14, 2018 By John S. Lam, MD The American Urological Association (AUA) hosted its […]

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WSAUA Sends Five Aspiring Leaders to AUA Advocacy Summit

March 22, 2018

WSAUA Attendees to the AUA Advocacy Summit in Washington DC, March 12-14 Many thanks to AUA for helping us establish […]

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Welcome New Members (2018-19)

Samuel  Abourbih, MD

Gerlad  Atkins, NP

Matthew  M.  Banti, MD

Cathy  M.  Bartz, RN, CCRA, MBA

Ken  Batai, PhD

Andrew  S.  Behesnilian, MD

Scott  A.  Berkman, MD, FAAP

Erik  Beuker, MD

Kristin  Buschemeyer, PA-C

William  H.  Cho, MD

Simon  L.  Conti, MD

Christina  Cool, PA

Daniel  E.  Cooper, MD

Justin  J.  DeGrado, MD

Rajiv  Dhir, PA

Edward  C.  Diaz, MD

Alicia  Dietrich, PA

Kamyar  Y.  Ebrahimi, MD

Deidra  Ellis, PA

Ryan  Flannigan, MD

Catherine  L.  Fung, NP

Jennifer  Gilitiuk, PA

Tracy  M.  Hitzeman, RN, CCM

Samay  Jain, MD

Debra  Jur, NP-C

Ronald  W.  Keller, PA

Ina  Wu  Kim, MD, MPH

Paul  LaPine, PA-C

Benjamin  T.  Larson, MD

Aubree  A.  Larson, PA-C

Eric  E.  Lauer, MD

Justin  Ka-Pun  Lee, MD

Eric  Levy, MD

Ann  Martinez Acevedo, PA-C

Andrew  Medendorp, MD

Megan  Melnyk, MD, FRCSC

Mariam  Imnadze  Miller, MD

Sue  Miller, PA

Farshid  Mirzaee, MD

Jasmir  Nayak, MD, FRCSC

Hao  G.  Nguyen, MD, PhD

Lesli  I.  Nicolay, MD

Neal  J.  Olarte, NP

Mark  Painter, CPMA

Guillermo (Will)  Patino, DO

Deo  Perez, PA-C

Amanda  B.  Reed-Maldonado, MD

Douglas  S.  Reeve, HP

Sabeer  Rehsia, MD, FRCSC

Amber  Rennie

Michael (Mike)  E.  Robinson, MD

Aimee  E.  Rogers, MD

Kevin  J.  Rycyna, MD

Nader  Sadoughi, MD, FACS

Melissa  Scott, PA

Amanjot  Singh  Sethi, MD

Sadik  Shabdar, PharmD

Lisa  Shames, PhD

Abrar  A.  Siddiquee, BSc

Richard  C.  Slater, DO, MHA

Devon  Snow-Lisy, MD

Barb  Sobjack, PA

Bruce  W.  Sperry, PA

George  B  Stackhouse, MD

Heidi  A.  Stephany, MD

Philip  J.  Stuart, MD, FACS

Daniel  E.  Swanson, MD

Genevieve  H.  Sweet, MD

Kelly  A.  Swords, MD, MPH

Dan  Theodorescu, MD, PhD

Thomas  Tieu, MD

Scott  B.  Tobis, MD

Robert  C.  Tyler, PhD

Eric  J.  Uhlman, MD, FACS

Mark  Wainstein, MD

Whitney  Lynn  Ward, PA-C

Jonathan  N.  Warner, MD

Elias  Wehbi, MD, FRCSC

Priya  N.  Werahera, PhD

Mandy  Williams, PA-C

Bernardetta  Witek, PA

Ross  A.  Wopat, MD

Jonathan  A.  Wu, MD

Daniel  E.  Yanko, MD

Lorraine  Y.  Young, RN