THE GIVING POWER OF UROLOGY: Improve the Environment while Redistributing Medical Supplies to Areas of Need

Two Western Section urologists, Eric Engelman (Kaiser) and Linda Shortliffe (Stanford) are on MedShare’s Western Regional Council.


Founded in 1998 MedShare is a bridge between medical surplus and the need to improve healthcare and the environment through recovery and redistribution of surplus medical supplies and equipment from hospitals, manufacturers and distributors to needy community health clinics and hospitals here and abroad.  As reported by Alameda County Recycling Plan, hospitals are the 4th largest producers of solid waste and this effort helps divert the 5000 tons of medical supplies headed for landfill because of legal restrictions to struggling hospitals and clinics.


MedShare’s Container Program delivers containers with medical supplies and equipment to the developing world.  Last year, MedShare shipped 128 containers to recipients in 28 different countries and equipped 107 safety net clinics.  In the Western region alone, MedShare equipped 295 medical mission teams and diverted 292 tons of medical surplus from Bay Area landfills.  MedShare UTube video:


We hope that Western Section urologists will join us in making a difference from our Western Region to the world.  Let’s ship a container from the Western Section AUA this holiday!


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MedShare, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization   Follow on twitter, linked-in, and facebook.


MedShare is recipient of Charity Navigator’s top 4 star-rating for 8 consecutive years, 2012 Acterra Environmental Innovation Award, Google’s 2014 Bay Area Impact Challenge Award, and the 2014 Volunteer Choice Award.