Congratulations to the 2015 AUA Awards Winners

The Western Section is proud and honored to announce the 2015 AUA awards to our members of the Western Section AUA. We recognize their achievements which reflect the tremendous benefits they have brought to urologists everywhere and the Western Section in particular.  The Section congratulates them on their award.


John M. Barry, MD for being awarded the AUA’s top award –  AUA RAMON GUITERAS AWARD  for outstanding contributions to the art and science of urology and his exceptional contributions to the specialty as an artist, innovator and educator; leadership as President of the American Board of Urology, AUA and Western Section of the AUA; and as a surgical scientist in multiple urological modalities, most notably in renal transplantation.


Matthew R. Cooperberg, MD, MPH for being awarded the AUA GOLD CYSTOSCOPE Award for outstanding contributions to the profession within 10 years of completing residency training and his highly successful and outstanding contributions as a clinician-scientist in prostate cancer and health services research, and as a key participant in the launch of the AUA Quality Registry.


Lawrence W. Jones, MD for being awarded the AUA WILLIAM P. DIDUSCH AWARD for his contributions to urological art, including, but not limited to, illustrations, sculpture, still photography, motion pictures and television productions. He will receive this year’s award for contributions and service as editor-in-chief of The American Urological Association Centennial History 1902 – 2002 and a lifelong commitment to the promotion of the history of urology.


Linda D. Shortliffe, MD for being awarded an AUA DISTINGUISHED AWARD for her for more than 20 years of outstanding service to the profession of urology via exemplary leadership and by furthering the academic, research and clinical practice of our specialty.


Martin L. Dresner, MD for being awarded an AUA PRESIDENTIAL CITATION for his decades of dedicated service to the AUA, the Western Section of the AUA, the U.S. Army and Veterans Administration and urology residency training.