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Taking the AUA Annual Census – click here

The American Urological Association (AUA) annual census is a specialty-wide survey of all members in the urology community across the globe. This critical survey will provide important information on urology workforce and practice to clinicians, policymakers, patients, payers and the general public. Participating in the AUA annual census will take you less than 10 minutes and will help promote our specialty and inform policy.

Your responses are valuable and will allow us to build the case for issues critical to the profession, such as federal funding and workforce development, while strengthening the urology profession through federal and state advocacy and developing an annual publication, The State of the Urology Workforce and Practice, which is free of charge to all member participants.

Identifiable information collected from this AUA Membership ID-based census will be stored in a secured area and will not be reported or shared with any third party, although de-identified, aggregated data may be shared to advance urologic research.

The census is open to any member of the urology community, including urologists, non-physician providers, medical students, residents, fellows, researchers, educators, administrators and practice managers.

By clicking the “Take Census” button below, you agree to all the terms and conditions outlined above.

Thank you for your participation and support of the urology profession.

The AUA membership ID can be quickly located on the bottom right hand corner of your conference badge if you are at AUA2015.

If you cannot enter the Census, please contact dataservices@auanet.org for assistance.