Threats Workshop Helps Urologists and Staff at WSAUA Indian Wells Meeting


Course Directors:
(Left) Sheldon H F Marks, MD,Tucson Urologist and Security Consultant AND William M. Schiff, MD, Fresno Urologist and Security Consultant

This comprehensive 3 hour course helped teach urologists and their staff how to effectively deal with actual or potential threats to their persons, practice and others.


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ViMA Course
Handout at WSAUA 2015 Meeting


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Is your organization taking reasonable action to prevent predictable critical events which could take a significant toll on our workforce and our customers? Are we prepared to respond properly in such an event – not just management or even the doctors? What have we done to train and educate the receptionists, housekeeping, nurses and lab personnel? There is a wide gap between having a well thought out plan, approved by the legal department and neatly bound in the administration office, and the actual active training of all employees for violent encounters. Failure to train is an already established liability issue. What have we done to mitigate these foreseeable tragedies?