• WSAUA Socioeconomic / Health Policy Forum -established in 1992
  • WSAUA / CUA - Practice Management Workshops
  • WSAUA Health Policy Survey Publication - established in 1997

On a biennial basis, the WSAUA Health Policy Committee designs, sends and collects a comprehensive health policy survey to its membership. The survey was initiated by past-president Dr. Anthony Middleton and has been ongoing since 1997.


Many thanks to all who have helped to evolve the survey and to the members who have taken the time to thoughtfully complete them. Their input contributes greatly to guiding health policy directives for future WSAUA meetings and policies and has helped the WSAUA Health Policy Forum become one of the most prominent programs for any AUA sectional annual meeting.


See below the survey publications over the last 5 years. The trends are fascinating. The results are shared with members during the annual meetings and also via email.



Click here to preview past WSAUA Health Policy Survey Results