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Dear Urology Department/Division Chairs,

Please forward this information to interested individuals. Thank you.

Call for Nominations for the 2016 AUA Research Forum

“Early Career Investigators Showcase”

Sunday, May 8, 2016 –  3:00 – 5:30 PM – San Diego Convention Center

The AUA Research Forum: “Early-career Investigators Showcase” for 2016 is scheduled for Sunday, May 8, from 3:00 – 5:30 p.m. The “Showcase began in 2008 and is still the only Annual Meeting venue completely dedicated to the work of early career investigators. The program consists of a poster exhibit of basic, translational and clinical research and features a podium session with up to nine presentations on innovative, relevant, and potentially impactful research projects that will be of great interest to the basic and clinical research communities.


We are again enlisting the assistance of members of the Research Council, all AUA sections, and several specialty societies to identify those individuals and projects that exemplify the best that the field of urology has to offer. We are asking each member or group to identify one of their top early-career investigators to present a brief, yet scientifically meritorious, presentation on his or her most interesting, innovative work. These stellar investigators are typically easy to identify, even early in their research careers, as they may have already won awards and recognition at past section or society meetings. This could now be an opportunity for them to have a platform at the Annual Meeting!


Nomination Criteria:

  • The nominee must be a Ph.D. or an M.D. within eight years of completing residency or doctorate. Residents, including Chief Residents, are eligible.
  • The nominee must be an Active, Affiliate, or Candidate member of the AUA in good standing.
  • Previous speakers in this Showcase are not eligible for re-nomination. Previous nominees that were not selected as a speaker are eligible for re-nomination.


Application process:

Each Section, Council Member must submit the following documents for their nominee*:

  • A one-page abstract of the project
  • An NIH-style biosketch in accordance with the new NIH biosketch guidelines that were effective in May 2015, of the nominee (five-page maximum)
  • A personal statement from the nominee that affirms his or her desire and commitment to participate in the Research Forum
  • A letter from an officer of the Section or Council Member which:
    • Emphasizes the importance and potential impact of the research
    • States the commitment of the Section to promote the Research Forum within their membership through all means possible to maximize attendance.
  • All documents must be in Times New Roman, 12-point font.
  • All documents for each nomination must be compiled together and scanned into a single PDF package and received as one package.
  • All applications must be submitted to the WSAUA Office by Friday, Dec. 5, 2015– Email to jeannie@wsaua.org.


Speaker Selection Process

Selection of speakers is based on the review of all submitted information by a review committee appointed by the AUA Director of Research and the Research Council Chair. All nominees are asked

to plan to attend the Research Forum. Nominees selected as speakers for the Forum will be notified no later than February 1, 2016. Nominees not selected as speakers will be acknowledged from the podium and asked to present a poster at the Forum.


Forum Program

All submissions will be reviewed and the top nine submissions will be selected for oral presentation at the Forum. A total of ten minutes will be allotted for each presentation: eight minutes for the

presentation and two minutes for a brief question and answer period. Speakers are asked to provide no more than five slides; the eight minute time limit will be enforced. The presentation must be submitted to the Office of Research for review and approval no later than April 20, 2016.


Speaker Awards

During the Forum program, a panel of senior investigators will judge the presentations for content, presentation skills, relevance, innovation, and potential impact. Awards will be presented for those judged to be the top three presenters.


Forum Poster Session

All nominees will be asked to display posters of their work at the Research Forum, whether or not they are chosen to present from the podium. The Office of Research may produce an abstract

for the event to promote the work of these fine investigators.


Urology Care Foundation Research Honors Awards Program

All nominees are invited to the Urology Care Foundation (UCF) Research Honors Program and Reception. This program is an annual event held to acknowledge past and current Foundation Scholars and other recipients of UCF Awards of Distinction. This event is scheduled for Saturday, May 7, 2016, from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. in the San Diego Convention Center. Please direct applications and questions regarding the program to Rodney Cotten, Research Programs and Events Manager at (410) 689-3750 or research@auanet.org.


Please forward applications to jeannie@wsaua.org


Welcome New Members

2016 New Members:


Gregory  T.  Adams, MD

Rosanne S. Arnold

Gerlad  Atkins

Casey  Barnett

Glen W. Barrisford, MD

Steven C. Bereta, NP

Erin  Van Blarigan, ScD

Amin  Boroujerdi, PhD

Jennifer  Botelho, PA-C

Kristin  Buschemeyer, PA-C

Stacey  Carter, MD

Jay  Cascio, RpH

David M. Chadbourne, MD

June M. Chan

Mang  L.  Chen, MD

Kalyani  Chilukuri

Denise  Chow, MD

Stewart  P.  Chumbley, NP

Stewart P. Chumbley, FNP-BC

Nadya  Cinman, MD

Aaron  A.  Clark, MD

Lee Ann  Clark, PA-C

Robert  M.  Cope, M.D.

Brian  Cox, MD

Wallace M. Curry, MD

Mark T. Dickinson, MD

Alicia  Dietrich

Jamie  L.  DiPietro, DO

Jia  Emslie, RN

Ekene  Enemchukwu, MD

Heidi  Felton

Ann Fenton, MD

Stephen J. Freedland, MD

Stanley  K.  Frencher, Jr., MD

Ariella  A.  Friedman, MD

Gwen  M.  Grimsby, MD

Amit Gupta, MD

Judith  C.  Hagedorn, MD, MHS

Mark A. Handley, PhD

Catherine  Harris, MD, MPH

Katy  Holder

Jack  C.  Hou, MD

Joseph  L.  Hsu, DO

Craig  B.  Hunter, DO

Marketa  Injayan

Robert  E.  Jackson, MD

Nicole  Jensky

Richard  Jones

Erin E. Katz, MD

Kimberly  Keller

Stacey A. Kenfield, ScD

Aqsa  Khan, MD

Brian  J.  Kim, MD

Thomas  J.  Kinahan, M.D.

Louis  Koncz

Megan A. Kushner

Jesse  D.  Le, MD

Benjamin R. Lee, MD

Dennis  Lee, MD

Eugene  W.  Lee, MD

Sara  M.  Lenherr, MD, MS

Jen-Jane  Liu, MD

Joshua  E.  Logan, MD

Richard  Long, MD

James R. Lucas

Gregory  Maggass, MD

John M. Mai, MD

Julia S. McCord

Dennis  Mitchell

Allan  Murray

John E. Musser, MD

Hiep T. Nguyen, MD

Sylvia D. Nguyen

Mark  Nigro, MD

Parag P. Nihalani, PharmD, MS

Uzoamaka  Nwoye, MD

Mary K. O'Rourke

Antonio  J.  Otero, MD

Edward  Park, PharmD

Khanh   N.  Pham, MD

Robert  Louie, PharmD

Denise  Lepley, PhD

Jason  Phillips, MD, MBA

Brent  Pitcher, PA

Leigh R. Platte, RN

Patrick  M.  Ramos, MD

Jacqueline  Reilly, PhD

Alexandra  E.  Rogers, MD

Jon A. Rumohr, MD

Anthony  Schaeffer, MD

Melvin Leon Seard, II, MD

Galaxy  Shah, MD

Hilary  Shreves, MS, ACNP-BC

Toni F. Shull, RN

Abrar A. Siddiquee, BSc

Kristien  Sima

Hosu  Sin, Ph.D.

Sara  E.  Spettel Aliyar, MD

Blair  A.  St. Martin, MD

Marti D. Stow, PhD

Daniel  Su, MD

Jung  Suh

Joel  Tappay

James R. Templeton, PhD

Maggie  D.  Vuturo, MD

John C.H. Wang, DO

Deanna R. Williams

Sara  Woodruff

Mary Jo  Worischeck

Ramy  F.  Yaacoub, MD

Yuka  Yamaguchi, MD

Benjamin  Yuh, MD

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