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Two Western Section urologists, Eric Engelman (Kaiser) and Linda Shortliffe (Stanford) are on MedShare’s Western Regional Council.


Founded in 1998 MedShare is a bridge between medical surplus and the need to improve healthcare and the environment through recovery and redistribution of surplus medical supplies and equipment from hospitals, manufacturers and distributors to needy community health clinics and hospitals here and abroad.  As reported by Alameda County Recycling Plan, hospitals are the 4th largest producers of solid waste and this effort helps divert the 5000 tons of medical supplies headed for landfill because of legal restrictions to struggling hospitals and clinics.


MedShare’s Container Program delivers containers with medical supplies and equipment to the developing world.  Last year, MedShare shipped 128 containers to recipients in 28 different countries and equipped 107 safety net clinics.  In the Western region alone, MedShare equipped 295 medical mission teams and diverted 292 tons of medical surplus from Bay Area landfills.  MedShare UTube video: http://youtu.be/XEQBn53LYKk


We hope that Western Section urologists will join us in making a difference from our Western Region to the world.  Let’s ship a container from the Western Section AUA this holiday!


DONATE NOW and we’ll track the Western Section:



MedShare, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization   Follow MedShare.org on twitter, linked-in, and facebook.


MedShare is recipient of Charity Navigator’s top 4 star-rating for 8 consecutive years, 2012 Acterra Environmental Innovation Award, Google’s 2014 Bay Area Impact Challenge Award, and the 2014 Volunteer Choice Award.

Dear Urology Department/Division Chairs,

Please forward this information to interested individuals. Thank you.



Research Funding Opportunities – CALL FOR APPLICATIONS!

The Urology Care Foundation, the official foundation of the American Urological Association (AUA), and the AUA Office of Research are pleased to announce three research funding programs for medical students, residents, fellows and post-doctoral scientists. All competitions are now open and accepting applications!


2015 Summer Medical Student Research Fellowships

The Herbert Brendler, MD, and the Arkansas Urologic Society Summer Medical Student Fellowship Program provides $3,000 to medical students conducting urology research during the summer of 2015. APPLY NOW!


2015 Residency Research Awards

This program offers $40,000 to support salary and requisite supplies for one year while a urology resident fulfills their obligation for research training beginning in July 2015. APPLY NOW!


2015 Urology Care Foundation/Pfizer Mentored Research Training Awards

These four awards US-based in scope will provide up to $20,000 for six months or up to $40,000 for one year of research training under the mentorship of a senior scientist with a well-established research program. Please visit the website for full award details including the allowed domains of research in bladder health. Residents, fellows and post-doctoral scientists are welcome to apply! APPLY NOW!


  • Application Submission Deadline: 5:00 p.m. local time, Thursday, January 15, 2015
  • Peer Review: February 2015
  • Funding Notification: April 2015
  • Award Period: Begins July 2015

Please contact the AUA Office of Research at grants@auanet.org with any questions or for further information!


Rodney D. Cotten, MBA, PMP
Research Programs and Events Manager

American Urological Association

1000 Corporate Blvd.
Linthicum, Maryland 21090
Telephone: 410-689-3750

Cell: 443-257-3164

E-mail: rcotten@auanet.org

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Welcome New Members

2017 New Members:


Kashif  Alvi, MD

Jason  Archambault, MD

Rosanne  S.  Arnold, HP

Casey  Barnett, HP

Steven  C.  Bereta, NP

Raymond  Mark  Bernal, MD

Jennifer  Botelho, PA-C

James  M.  Bresee, MD

Kadi-Ann  Bryan, MD

Sierra  J.  Carmello, PA

Jay  Cascio, RpH

June  Chan, DSc

Samuel  T.  Chan, MD

Marina  Cheng, MD

Kalyani  Chilukuri, HP

Charles  H.  Chung, MD

Lee Ann  Clark, PA-C

Sophia  Drinis, MD

Jia  Emslie, RN

Winnie  Eng, PA-C

Heidi  Felton, PA-C

Melissa  R.  Garcia, HP

Daniel  Gilbert, DO

Greg  E.  Gin, MD

Shelley  Godley, MD

Kiran  Gollapudi, MD

Erin  Grantham, MD

Lindsay  A.  Hampson, MD

Mark  A.  Handley, PhD

Katy  Holder, HP

Robert  Hoy, PA-C, MPAS

George  J.  Huang, MD

Marketa  Injayan, HP

Nicole  Jensky, HP

David  C.  Johnson, MD, MPH

Richard  Jones, HP

Kimberly  Keller, HP

Stacey  A.  Kenfield, ScD

Nazih  P.  Khater, MD

Louis  Koncz, PA

Ryan  P.  Kopp, MD

John  Y.  Lee, MD

Denise  Lepley, PhD

Robert  Louie, PharMD

James  R.  Lucas, PA

Robert  Lurvey, MD

Jules  P.  Manger, MD

Julia  S.  McCord, HP

Laura  Stansell  Merriman, MD

Dennis  Mitchell, HP

Kenneth  Mitchell, PA-C, MPAS

Chinedu  Mmeje, MD

Allan  Murray, HP

Sylvia  D.  Nguyen, NP

Parag  D.  Nihalani, Pharmd, MS

Sepehr  Nowfar, MD

Brock  B.  O’Neil, MD

Mary  O’Rourke, HP

Vernon  A.  Orton, II, MD

Edward  Park, PharmD

Brent  Pitcher, PA

Leigh  R.  Platte, RN

Krishna  Ramaswamy, MD

Jacqueline  Reilly, PhD

Daniel  Reznicek, MD

Evan  G.  Rosen, MD

Yahir  A.  Santiago-Lastra, MD

Amy  Schlaifer, MD

Casey  Seideman, MD

Jay  B.  Shah, MD

Hilary  Shreves, MS, ACNP-BC

Toni  F.  Shull, RN

Kristien  Sima, HP

Jung  Suh, HP

Robert  M.  Sweet, MD

Youssef  S.  Tanagho, MD

Joel  Tappay, HP

James  R.  Templeton, PhD

Alan  E.  Thong, MD, MPH

Matthew  Uhlman, MD, MBA

Erin  VanBlarigan, ScD

Kevin  Wayne, PA-C

Jason  Woo, MD

Sara  Woodruff, HP

Mary Jo  Worischeck, PA

Faysal  A.  Yafi, MD, FRCSC