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Dr Tanagho accepts the Special Recognition awardEmil A. Tanagho, MD

Distinguished Member, Western Section AUA, 1995
Professor Emeritus of Urology
University of California, San Francisco

51 Years of Perfect Attendance to
WSAUA Meetings!!
Founded California Urology Foundation for Research (CUF)
Dedicated to Urology


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Text of presentation by president, Dr. Jeffrey Kaufman at the 2015 annual meeting:

I am pleased to present this honor to one of our most Distinguished Members, Dr. Emil Tanagho.  You know him well in person and can find a short biography about him on Page 106 in your program book. Dr. Tanagho is originally from Alexandria, Egypt where he obtained his doctorate in urology and surgery.  We are fortunate to have him as a long standing member of the Western Section!


Brief biography:  Emil A. Tanagho, MD served as Chairman of the UCSF Department of Urology from 1976 to 1996. Under his direction, the department became known for its pioneering work in the field of neurostimulation for control of micturition. In 1985, his work was recognized with the Jacob Javits Neurosciences Award, and was so honored for ten consecutive years. His group won the Jack Lapides Prize for Neurourology and Urodynamics eight of the eleven times it was given during his tenure. He has developed electrodes for stimulation of the sacral roots and has broad and lengthy experience with a large series of patients in whom these have been implanted. The author of hundreds of scientific articles, Tanagho also serves on the editorial boards of numerous journals, including The Journal of Urology, Urology, and Neurourology and Urodynamics.


As you can see, Dr. Tanahgo’s contributions to urology is cutting edge and extensive!  We’ve all benefited from his vast research and experience.  He has been a supporter of urology and an inspirational teacher to Young urologists everywhere for decades. He has attended every single one of the last 51 annual meetings, how many in here can say that? If you are positive, raise your hand!


I would be surprised to see anyone here who can beat that record of perfect attendance!  Dr. Tanagho is truly one in a million and has upgraded the study of urology immensely.   He is professor emeritus of Urology at the University of California San Francisco and still active in the study of documentation of urological procedures.


He founded the CUF along with Dr. Jack McAninch and Dr. Tom Lue as a way to preserve the future of urology.  To ensure its continuity and expansion he has entrusted the ongoing governance of the CUF to the Western Section AUA.  On behalf of the Western Section AUA, we will be proud and honored to continue the legacy of the CUF.   Thank you, Dr. Tanagho.  May I present this token of our appreciation of you!


The Urology Care Foundation, the official foundation of the American Urological Association, greatly appreciates the support of the Western Section of the American Urological Association in enabling the Research Scholar Program to offer two research awards for 2016. Following a rigorous peer-review process, we are excited to announce that both awards have been filled by exceptional early-career investigators.

Alan Kaplan, MD, will begin his one-year research award on July 1, 2016. His project, titled “Value-based care redesign in urology: Can quality and cost data feedback change physician behavior?” aims to evaluate and improve value-based care of benign prostatic hyperplasia in order to provide patients better healthcare at a lower cost. Dr. Kaplan’s research will be conducted at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA under the mentorship of Mark Litwin, MD, MPH and Christopher Saigal, MD, MPH.

Hosu Sin, PhD, will begin her two-year research award on July 1, 2016 as well. Her project, titled “Elucidating fundamental regulators of male meiosis,” will investigate key genetic regulators of male reproduction in order to understand and improve male fertility. Dr. Sin’s research will be conducted at Stanford University, School of Medicine under the mentorship of Margaret Fuller, PhD.

Welcome New Members

2016 New Members:


Gregory  T.  Adams, MD

Rosanne S. Arnold

Gerlad  Atkins

Casey  Barnett

Glen W. Barrisford, MD

Steven C. Bereta, NP

Erin  Van Blarigan, ScD

Amin  Boroujerdi, PhD

Jennifer  Botelho, PA-C

Kristin  Buschemeyer, PA-C

Stacey  Carter, MD

Jay  Cascio, RpH

David M. Chadbourne, MD

June M. Chan

Mang  L.  Chen, MD

Kalyani  Chilukuri

Denise  Chow, MD

Stewart  P.  Chumbley, NP

Stewart P. Chumbley, FNP-BC

Nadya  Cinman, MD

Aaron  A.  Clark, MD

Lee Ann  Clark, PA-C

Robert  M.  Cope, M.D.

Brian  Cox, MD

Wallace M. Curry, MD

Mark T. Dickinson, MD

Alicia  Dietrich

Jamie  L.  DiPietro, DO

Jia  Emslie, RN

Ekene  Enemchukwu, MD

Heidi  Felton

Ann Fenton, MD

Stephen J. Freedland, MD

Stanley  K.  Frencher, Jr., MD

Ariella  A.  Friedman, MD

Gwen  M.  Grimsby, MD

Amit Gupta, MD

Judith  C.  Hagedorn, MD, MHS

Mark A. Handley, PhD

Catherine  Harris, MD, MPH

Katy  Holder

Jack  C.  Hou, MD

Joseph  L.  Hsu, DO

Craig  B.  Hunter, DO

Marketa  Injayan

Robert  E.  Jackson, MD

Nicole  Jensky

Richard  Jones

Erin E. Katz, MD

Kimberly  Keller

Stacey A. Kenfield, ScD

Aqsa  Khan, MD

Brian  J.  Kim, MD

Thomas  J.  Kinahan, M.D.

Louis  Koncz

Megan A. Kushner

Jesse  D.  Le, MD

Benjamin R. Lee, MD

Dennis  Lee, MD

Eugene  W.  Lee, MD

Sara  M.  Lenherr, MD, MS

Jen-Jane  Liu, MD

Joshua  E.  Logan, MD

Richard  Long, MD

James R. Lucas

Gregory  Maggass, MD

John M. Mai, MD

Julia S. McCord

Dennis  Mitchell

Allan  Murray

John E. Musser, MD

Hiep T. Nguyen, MD

Sylvia D. Nguyen

Mark  Nigro, MD

Parag P. Nihalani, PharmD, MS

Uzoamaka  Nwoye, MD

Mary K. O'Rourke

Antonio  J.  Otero, MD

Edward  Park, PharmD

Khanh   N.  Pham, MD

Robert  Louie, PharmD

Denise  Lepley, PhD

Jason  Phillips, MD, MBA

Brent  Pitcher, PA

Leigh R. Platte, RN

Patrick  M.  Ramos, MD

Jacqueline  Reilly, PhD

Alexandra  E.  Rogers, MD

Jon A. Rumohr, MD

Anthony  Schaeffer, MD

Melvin Leon Seard, II, MD

Galaxy  Shah, MD

Hilary  Shreves, MS, ACNP-BC

Toni F. Shull, RN

Abrar A. Siddiquee, BSc

Kristien  Sima

Hosu  Sin, Ph.D.

Sara  E.  Spettel Aliyar, MD

Blair  A.  St. Martin, MD

Marti D. Stow, PhD

Daniel  Su, MD

Jung  Suh

Joel  Tappay

James R. Templeton, PhD

Maggie  D.  Vuturo, MD

John C.H. Wang, DO

Deanna R. Williams

Sara  Woodruff

Mary Jo  Worischeck

Ramy  F.  Yaacoub, MD

Yuka  Yamaguchi, MD

Benjamin  Yuh, MD

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