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Pioneers in Urological Education since 1923
Western Section

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WSAUA 90th Meeting - over 500 physicians and health professionals
converge at the Grand Wailea on Maui.

What We Do

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  • Support of our Residents
  • Research Scholar Grants
  • Promote Leadership & Advocacy
  • Health Policy Education & Research
  • Representation at National Level
  • Collaboration, Support, Outreach
  • Awards, Opportunity & Recognition
  • Lifelong Learning & Relationships
  • Excellence in Meetings

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91st Annual Meeting
Renaissance Esmeralda
at Indian Wells
October 25-29, 2015

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  • Abstract submission open, Deadline – June 10

Who We Are

The Western Section of the American Urological Association, Inc. (WSAUA) is a non-profit organization (501 c6) composed of individual physician members that are devoted to the practice of Urology. Eighty percent are accredited, practicing Urologists and twenty percent are either retired or in-training. Click here for Territory

The membership of the WSAUA is approximately 2000 strong, and includes some of the finest surgeons, researchers and practioners of Urology in the United States. The WSAUA is one of eight other sections that together make up the American Urological Association. Our TIN is 95-6051202.


Our organization has four main objectives:

    • To benefit the general welfare by encouraging the study and maintaining the highest standards for Urological education, practice and research.
    • To foster, support and aid scientific research in the field of Urology.
    • To join with other Sections throughout the country to make up the American Urological Association, Inc., and
    • To further the objectives of the national association in maintaining the highest possible standards for Urological advancement and the continuation of the public welfare.

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Welcome New Members

2014 New Members:


Chasta-Dawne L. Bacsu, MD
Zachery C. Baxter, MD
Andre  Berger, MD
Jeremy M. Blumberg, MD
Cecily  Bosma, MPH, PA-C
William  Boyle, PA
Karim  Chamie, MD
Sarah  Chan, MD
Yao-Jen  Chang, MD
Matthew S. Christman, MD
Jason W. Collins, PA-C, MPAS
Christopher P. Cost, MD
Melanie A. Crites-Bachert, DO
Levi A. Deters, MD
Madelyn D. Do, PA
Benjamin C. Dudley, MD
Anthony J. Dyer, MD
Christopher S. Elliott, MD
Lauren E. Fanning, MD
Matt L. Feltz, PA
David S. Finley, MD
Andrew D. Giem, MD
Henry P. Gottsch, MD
Donald  Hannoun, MD
Margaret A. Hayes, RN, BS, CURN
James M. Hotaling, MD
Bert  Ivey, MD
Karyna  Karpiyevich, PA-C
Kathryn  Keller, PharmD
Christopher  Knopick, MD
Sandra  Koo, MD
David V. Ludlow, MD
Lipika R. McCauley, MD
Mehran  Movassaghi, MD
Jeanie  Murphy, RN, CURN
Brian N. Naftulin, MD
Leah Y. Nakamura, MD
Gaudencio  Olgin, MD
Lisa  Olson, PA-C
Jay B. Page, MD
Edward  Park, PharmD
Bhavin N. Patel, MD
Alexandra E. Perks, MD
Jane  Petersen, MD
Sima P. Porten, MD
Puneeta  Ramachandra , MD
Jennifer  Rothschild, MD
Mary K. Samplaski, MD
Rosanne  Santos, MBA
Kristina  Saric, NP
Gjanje L. Smith, MD
Geoffrey A. Sonn, MD
Marti D. Stow, PhD
Brenda L. Tidwell, FNP
David T. Tzou, MD
Breelyn J. Van Leeuwen, PA, MSPA
Adam R. Walker, MD
Agnes  Wang, MD
John W. Weedin, MD
John P. Wilson, ANP, NP
Paula  Wilson, PA-C
Brian P. Yang, MD
Stanley A. Yap, MD